What We Do
Direct Mail

"SMAS creative strategies are used to obtain consumer attention and provoke shoppers to purchase or use specific products. Our strategies promote publicity, public relations, personal selling and sales promotion."


The SMAS team begins with a face-to-face meeting where client needs are reviewed. This will help us ascertain what the best course of action is and will ultimately allow SMAS to know how our expertise will help you achieve your goals.

Once SMAS has a clear picture of client expectations and goals, we prepare a detailed and strategic media plan, outlining all elements to be considered, including market research, time-lines, schedules, costs and creative ideas.

Each member of the SMAS team has many years of experience and can quickly and efficiently put the strategic media plan into motion, with expected results soon to follow.

A review is undertaken once the initial media plan is implemented. This allows SMAS to analyze the results and make any necessary changes or upgrades. After the media campaign has ended, the team does another in-depth review to see what worked best and how to improve on it for the next campaign. This includes qualitative and quantitative analysis.

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